Revolutionizing Civil Service Work through Digital Innovation

Recognizing "smart mass mobilization" as a critical factor for success in the socio-economic development process, all levels of Party committees, authorities, and socio-political organizations in Tra Vinh province have prioritized innovation in public mobilization, intertwining it with digital transformation to foster a scientific, democratic, and people-centric approach. The aim is to enhance public understanding of the province's development direction, instill aspirations for progress, and foster a strong consensus among the people.

Lieutenant Colonel Thach Thanh Hung instructs Mr. Ly Van Tam (wearing a brown shirt) in setting up the VNeID application.

In order to promote mass mobilization's role in environmental protection, the establishment of advanced urban and rural areas, as well as governmental mobilization efforts and administrative reforms, the Mass Mobilization Departments at all levels in the province have proactively engaged with the thoughts, aspirations, opinions, and recommendations of the people. They actively learn about the lives of workers, advise and propose solutions to the relevant Party committees and authorities. Furthermore, they actively innovate the mass mobilization work in line with the digital transformation trend, replicating successful models and promoting grassroots democratic regulation.

One significant resolution issued by the Mass Mobilization Committees at all levels is Resolution No. 09, dated January 26, 2022, which outlines Tra Vinh province's digital transformation plan until 2025, with a vision for 2030. The plan focuses on developing information technology infrastructure, data infrastructure, and digital platforms to effectively implement the digital economy and digital society in the province. It also aims to achieve the goal of attaining the new rural standard for Tra Vinh by 2025 and positioning it as a developed province in the first group of the Mekong Delta region by 2030.

After one year of implementing the digital transformation resolution, Tra Vinh has witnessed notable changes. Firstly, there has been a shift in the perception of digital transformation, starting from leaders at all levels, sectors, and localities and extending to the people and businesses. The quality of administrative procedure reform under the "one-stop shop" mechanism has gradually improved over the years, ensuring simplicity, transparency, legality, and efficiency.

The province has also placed significant focus on the application of information technology in professional activities across industries, as well as in transactions and the resolution of administrative procedures with organizations and individuals. This implementation has been particularly emphasized by the provincial Social Security, with electronic transactions being adopted in various areas, including the collection and issuance of social insurance books and health insurance cards, settlement of social insurance, health insurance, and accident insurance regimes, and assessment and payment of medical expenses covered by health insurance. Additionally, the health insurance assessment information system has achieved nationwide full connectivity with health insurance medical facilities at all levels, from commune to central.

To drive digital transformation in business activities, Tra Vinh is actively implementing a plan to develop digital technology businesses in the province from 2021 to 2025, with a vision for 2030. The province is also promoting the growth of the agricultural and rural digital economy. Presently, there are 125 businesses in Tra Vinh participating in e-commerce platforms, offering over 638 products. Moreover, more than 68,000 agricultural production households have established sales accounts on these platforms.

Ms. Thach Thi Chal Thi, Director of Tra Vinh Farm Co., Ltd., shared her experience: "Currently, Sok Farm offers six main products derived from coconut nectar. Our coconut flower nectar soy sauce, launched in October 2022, has been well-received in domestic and international markets, especially in Canada, the US, and Singapore. In 2023, Sok Farm plans to focus on producing coconut flower nectar soy sauce for export to the US and Singapore. For promotional strategies, we utilize TikTok and Facebook channels due to their effective reach to domestic customers. Each video posted on our TikTok channel garners 1 to 2 million views.

In addition to promoting mass mobilization on digital platforms, socio-political organizations in the province are actively mobilizing people to participate in the cashless market model. Notably, Viettel Tra Vinh has established deposit and withdrawal points with nearly 30 staff members at Nhi Long markets in Nhi Long commune and Huyen Hoi market in Huyen Hoi commune, Cang Long district. There are 155 small merchants in 2 markets are equipped with QR codes, connect with banks and e-wallets, and use Viettel Money accounts to facilitate money transfers, top-ups, withdrawals, and online transactions with other small businesses and customers.

Continuously implementing Government Project 06 and responding to the Chairman of the Tra Vinh Provincial People's Committee's call for active participation in the registration and activation of e-ID accounts, the Tieu Can District Police, in collaboration with the Tieu Can District Youth Union, has launched a comprehensive campaign to promote and encourage people to install, activate, and utilize e-ID accounts through the VNeID application, with the motto "Reaching every household, registering every individual for e-ID accounts to serve the people."

In accordance with this initiative, the two units are guiding communes and towns to establish community digital technology groups comprised of police officers, youth union members, and hamlet people's committees. These groups visit each household to assist residents in installing and activating VNeID identifiers, ensuring the accuracy of population data. This effort aims to safeguard citizens' rights and interests during their integration and use of online electronic services, while also contributing to the acceleration of administrative reform and the implementation of digital government initiatives.

Lieutenant Colonel Thach Thanh Hung, Chief of Police in Tan Hoa Commune, Tieu Can District, shared his experience: "Within one week of implementing Project 06 in Tan Hoa commune, our unit mobilized forces in conjunction with the youth union to visit households and encourage people to activate their e-identification accounts. I guide individuals on the installation and operation of electronic identifiers, eliminating the need for people to visit agencies and wait for paperwork. Instead, they can handle everything on their devices. For instance, after confirming their residential information with the commune police, citizens can simply visit the office the next day to sign the necessary documents. They can then collect the results and bring them home without further delays."

Ms. Thach Thi Chal Thi, Director of Tra Vinh Farm Co., Ltd. (wearing a white shirt), discusses online sales channels with reporters.

Speaking with us, Ms. Dang Thi Thu Trang, Secretary of the Tan Hoa Commune Union in Tieu Can District, expressed her enthusiasm: "With the youth's fervor, the youth of our commune will actively support the police force in implementing Project 06. We will promote awareness among residents about the activation of e-identification accounts and the importance of building population data, ultimately contributing to the establishment of an e-government and serving the national digital transformation."

After completing the process of activating their personal identification, citizens using Level 2 electronic identification accounts can replace their citizen identification cards and other documents, such as driver's licenses and vehicle registration papers. These accounts enable swift financial transactions and save time, such as paying electricity and water bills, as well as social insurance and health insurance fees. Additionally, citizens can access information about their current residence, household members, and also provide feedback, suggestions, and report on the security and order situation or any criminal activities.

Aligned with the latest trends, the Tieu Can district will continue to promote awareness about the features and benefits of registering and using an electronic identity account through the VNeID application. Together with other localities in the province, the district aims to provide 500,000 electronic identification accounts by the end of June 2023. This commitment ensures the protection of citizens' rights and interests when integrating and utilizing online electronic services.

Minh Thuy

Hoang Khiem (Translator)


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