Online conference on prevention and control of Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) and instructing in online teaching

Ministry of Education and Training organized a national online conference on strengthening measures to prevent and control Covid-19 and instructing in internet and television teaching during the period of taking time off schools of students because of Covid-19, on Mar 25 in Hanoi Capital. Mr. Nguyen Huu Do - Deputy Minister of Education and Training chaired the conference. Ms. Nguyen Thi Bach Van - Director of Tra Vinh Department of Education and Training and leaders of Office of Education and Training of city, districts, towns in the province attended the conference at Tra Vinh point.

Online conference view at Tra Vinh point

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Nguyen Huu Do emphasized that Covid-19 has greatly affected educational and training activities. Students have taken time off schools for nearly 8 weeks up to now. Due to the complicated disease situation, it is still not possible for students to return to school by the end of Mar 2020. For the above reasons, this conference focused on discussing 3 solutions to prevent the disease from entering the school. In addition, if the time off school prolongs, it will be necessary to develop a learning schedule and management of students at home appropriately and solutions to recognize the results of online teaching at home. The content of the program and the time for enrollment should be reduced the content so that it is suitable for current conditions. 

At the conference, one of the contents that received the attention and discussion of the delegates was the difficulties in the implementation of the educational program content for the second semester, academic year 2019-2020 when students take a long time off school to prevent and control Covid-19 and how to monitor the learning process of students when conducting teaching via television, internet. 

Speaking at the conference, Deputy Minister Nguyen Huu Do emphasized that the whole education sector should continue to uphold the sense of responsibility for the prevention and control of Covid-19 when the disease is still complicated both domestically and internationally. School officials, teachers, staff, students need to participate in a full medical report to contribute to disease control, to ensure safety for themselves and the community.

The local education sector needs to develop an overall plan, contain disease prevention scenarios, prepare conditions for facilities, infrastructure, medical staff and enhance disinfectant spraying of classrooms and teaching equipment. Try our best not to spread the disease in schools.

When students can not go to school because of Covid-19, schools and teachers still have responsible for organizing teaching in many different ways for students. This is to ensure students’ benefits and needs of study, the completion of the general education program, and meet the program's output standards. In these forms of teaching, internet, television are situational solutions that need to be widely applied. Ministry of Education and Training is working with Ministry of Information and Communications to have measures to solve difficulties, enhance technical support, services, and help to organize teaching on the internet and television of  schools, teachers, students conveniently.

For teaching on television, Ministry of Education and Training requires schools to carry on and support student directly to control their learning and assess learner’s absorbability. Accordingly, teachers inform the broadcast schedule for students, co-ordinate with the family to organize their learning. Teachers need to develop an organizational plan, guide students to study according to the lesson, compile assignments, assign tasks for students to do after study time on television.

When students return to school, all schools must take the appropriate amount of time to supplement the knowledge taught on television for them, to ensure that all students are fully receptive to the core content according to program standard output requirements. Ministry of Education and Training highly appreciates that Departments of Education and Training have actively worked out a system of lectures for subjects of all grades.

                                                      Written by Ngoc Hong


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