Bodhisalaraja Pagoda
Bodhisalaraja Pagoda, also known as Kom Pong Pagoda or Ong Met Pagoda, is a national art architectural monument located in quarter 2, ward 1, Tra Vinh city.

After being improved for many times, its presbytery and library rebuilt at the beginning of 20th century still keep its art architectural value. 

The presbytery was built on a rectangle foundation with fence around. Pole, purlin, plafond… were made from precious wood with delicate design sculpture. Besides, there are many pictures of Buddhist stories on its walls and unique dragon pictures on the proof. 

The library was made from wood like a stilt house over 100 years ago. Its poles were also painted gold and sculptured delicately. Especially, there is a unique wooden screen in the middle compartment of the library. 

Map of Tra Vinh
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