Angkorajaborey pagoda

Across from the Khmer National Cultural Museum is Angkorajaborey pagoda,also called Ang pagoda. It was granted to be a national historical cultural vestige on the 25th August 1994 by the Ministry of Culture and Information.The pagoda was built some hundred years ago on an area of about 4 hectares. Later it was restored several times. It is one of the typical in the system of 141 pagodas of the Khmer in Tra Vinh province. Ang pagoda is built in an original architectural style which harmonizes with the natural scenery and the Khmer’s fine and typical art of picture and view decoration,which deeply expresses the characters and colors of the Angkor culture. Particularly,the central chamber,the roof bends, the under-roof part, the fence pillars around the central chamber etc… are drawn with flowers and vignettes of the Snake God Naga with a curved tail, the statues of bird-headed persons,the deity snakes and birds, the head of the God Bayon with four faces, the Ogress Yeak wearing an armor and so on.

In addition, there are several hundreds of an-cient trees aged hundreds of years on the campus of the pagoda. They all create an innocent beauty, a pure atmosphere, causing a passion on visitors from everywhere whenever they have a chance to be in the pagoda.
Map of Tra Vinh
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