Kompông Chrây Pagoda

Kompông Chrây Pagoda  (commonly called Chua Hang (Cave Pagoda) because its gate is designed in the shape of a cave) is a Khmer pagoda of the Hinayana Buddhism. It is located in Chau Thanh district, 5 kilometers South of Tra Vinh town.

This pagoda has a beautiful architectural style and is situated on a campus of over 2 hectares of green trees inchluding sao (star trees) and dau (oil trees). It has long been the habitat and breeding ground of thousands of birds of all kinds. The monks here lead their religious life, study, listen and chant prayers, as well as look after a bonsai garden with thousands of ancient trees which are painstakingly trimmed into sophisticated shapes. They also directly take part in producing fine-art handicrafts of wood sculpture. Their products are full of the character of the Khmer’s culture.

Kompông Chrây Pagoda always remains a good hallmark on the heart of visitors whenever they have a chance to be here.

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