Luong Xuyen Pagoda

Luong Xuyen pagoda,located in Ward 1, Tra Vinh town, is a well-known ancient one of the Mahayana Buddhism
in Tra Vinh province.

In the 1930s, this place is the center of Buddhist Renovation of the Southern region with the establishment and effective operation of “Luong Xuyen Buddhist Association”and “Luong Xuyen Buddhist School” under the proposal.

and leadership of the famous monks Thich Hue Quang, Thich Khanh Anh, and Thich Khanh Hoa. It was in the  Luong Xuyen Buddhist School” that series of talented monks for Vietnam Buddhism such as Superior Monks Thích Thieän Hoa and Thích Thieän Hoøa, etc. have been trained. It has made great contribution into sailing the boat of Vietnam Buddhism in the challenging periods towards the right direction of the motto of the religious and national laws.

Nowadays, Luong Xuyen pagoda has been chosen to be the Office of the Managing Committee of Tra Vinh Provincial Vietnam Buddhism since 2003. It has also been restored and rebuilt so as to be deserving of the historical.

stature of a pagoda which used to be the Buddhist Center of the Southern region.

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