Vestige of weapon-receiving yards

The on-sea route of Ho Chi Minh is one of the exploits of the national struggle against the American. The coastal region of Tra Vinh functioned as an important link, establishing many weapon-receiving yards such as Lang Nuoc (Hiep Thanh), Con Tau (Truong Long Hoa), Con Loi (Long Vinh) etc. During about 15 years of existence of this
route, the coastal communes of Tra Vinh received over 20 shipments with more than 1,500 tons of war weapons and equipments that the major Northern rear base assisted the battlefield of the Mekong Delta, making great contribution to the final victory of our people. In order to ensure the secret and security of the route, many people born on the land of Tra Vinh sold their life dearly.
   Con Tau (located in Con Tau hamlet, Truong Long Hoa commune), which functioned as a weapon-receiving yard many times, has been selected the representative for all the coastal yards of Tra Vinh to be granted as a provincial cultural historical vestige. Currently, the High Command of Navy and some relevant authorities in Tra Vinh have
made some investement in constructing this place into a vestige with some works such as the memorial stele
and the park etc.
   The vestige of Con Tau weapon-receiving yard, the vestige of the Base of Tra Vinh - Giong Gieng Provincial
Party Committee, and the resort of Ba Dong have established a cultural and tourist nonstop complex in the coastal region of Tra Vinh.

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