Vestige of the base of Tra Vinh provincial committee of the party

During the two longterm resistance wars, the Tra Vinh Provincial Committee of The Party was moved and stationed in various areas. However,the longest and most important is the coastal base subordinate to Giong Gieng hamlet, Dan Thanh commune,Duyen Hai district.
   The Base of the provincial committee of the Party in Giong Gieng hamlet has now been granted a provincial historical cultural vestige.
   The Branch of Culture and Information and the Provincial General Museum have cooperated with Duyen Hai district to program an area of over 10 hectares for the construction of a project of investing in, embellishing and protecting the remained area of virgin forest as well as recreating the typical scenery of this major base as formerly in the period of violent wars. In near future, the vestige of the base of the provincial committee of the Party will be a cultural address connected with Ba Dong Resort in order to attract tourists as well as teach later young generations about the Vietnamese tradition
Map of Tra Vinh
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