Long Binh decorative flower village

Long Binh decorative flower village at Long Binh hamlet, ward 4, Tra Vinh city is recognized basing on Decision No. 172/QĐ-UBND dated on February 11, 2011 of Tra Vinh province People’s Committee. 

Ward 4 is one of wards in Tra Vinh city center with favorable position for road and waterway traffic with Long Binh river. Agricultural area makes is 35,68ha, makes up 22,99% the ward area. At the beginning of 1950s, decorative flower planting was started by old farmers like Mr. Tu Nga, Mr. Muoi Leo, Mr. Bien Chinh, Mr. Chinh Cuong, and Mr. Tam Gio… and then attracted many local households until the present. Flower and bonsai are planted every year with many kinds, but Bougainvillea makes up the most area. At the present, 136/249 households plant it. Every year, in June of lunar calendar, local people start knitting pot and seed nursery to serve Tet holiday. Along with development of Vinh Yen flower village, Long Binh flower village contributes to decorative flower collection of Tra Vinh flower market in Tet holiday. 


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